The Spinoff

“THE SPINOFF is a three piece rock outfit from Montreal, Quebec made up of long time friends and collaborators Ben Cardilli (Guitar/Vocals), Dave Ritchie (Bass/Vocals), and Chris Johnston (drums). Their sound can be described as a fast paced and melodic blast of nostalgia as they draw upon inspiration from the late 90’s and early 00’s to forge a unique contribution to the second coming of pop-punk. 

The three stooges last shared the stage as part of the heavy hitting foursome Red October (rip 2011) Where they toured Canada together multiple times and played massive festival stages (Warped Tour, Taste of Chaos) forming bonds and memories to last a lifetime. Now, after 6 years of radio silence, they’re picking up NEARLY right where they left off in THE SPINOFF (get it? get it?). 

2017 is going to see big moves for our musketeers as they bring their refined vision to the stage, cut their first full length album, and immediately set up play dates in cities near you! Busted backs and weak knees permitting…”