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Sk8Fest was born with the combination of live music and skateboarding.  From day 1, the event has taken pride in featuring as many well rehearsed artist and groups that it can possibly fit into its schedule.

Sk8Fest is a fundraiser and has very very limited funding.  That said the organizers do believe that no musicians or artists should play for free.  On top of an incredible hospitality program, the Sk8fest organizers recognizes that at a very minimum, travel costs to the event should be covered.

Sk8Fest does everything possible so that an adequate backline (drum set, amplifiers and decent PA system is there to put forth every artist performance.

If you feel you have what we need to make this event successful music wise, fill out the application.  Our team will evaluate every application and provide an answer ASAP.

Sk8Fest 2016 Artist Application

There are a few things to consider BEFORE applying to Sk8Fest…

  • Event is a fundraiser and does NOT have lots of funds to pay bands
  • Drummer MUST use backline kit (Ayotte kit with new Evans skins) because it will be sound checked for the entire event.
  • Drummer can bring a snare and MUST bring cymbals (breakables).  There will be no backline cymbals
  • Bass Players will NOT be able to DI into the PA.  A house bass amplifier will be provided and then a DI signal will be sent to PA
  • Artist MUST show up at least one hour before assigned set time.
  • Absolutely NO drinking from any artist will be permitted on the premises (this is an all ages UN-LICENCED event).

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