About Sk8Fest

Started in 2004 by Natalie St-Denis and the (AST) Alexandria Skate Team this event is still a fundraiser for the local skate park and has grown in proportions and quality of entertainment. The event features a diverse set of performing artists and a new revamped mobile skate park. Skateboarders will find a plethora of creative and innovative ramp designs mostly created by Justin Sauvé, Matthew Savard and Chris Lefebvre. Festival attendees need not to partake in skateboarding to enjoy a PHENOMENAL lineup from Cornwall, Hawkesbury, Ottawa and Montreal. This year the event will have punk/grunge, hip-hop, grunge, and pop/punk. Groups booked so far are ‘The Anti-Queens’, ‘TRTNCKFX’, ‘Here Comes Big Foot’, and others in the process of signing on!

Festival organizer Alain Lauzon says that ‘this is by far THE best and most diverse lineup that has played this event’ and will hopefully attract many folks just for the musical performances. This one day festival will be held at the Glengarry Sports Palace in Alexandria on August 13th from 11 AM to 9 PM. This is an all ages event and the entertainment from both the skateboarders and the groups there will make it worth the day.

Admission is $15 for the entire day and tickets will be sold at the door and at Raage Skate Co @57 Kenyon St. W. Alexandria. For more information or if you wish to volunteer please contact us at info@sk8fest.com or visit us online at sk8fest.com or on Facebook at facebook.com/sk8fest.


This year the Alexandria Sk8Fest is celebrating 13 years.